Z-Fold DL Brochure Mockups


Z-Fold DL size brochure Mockup templates to mockup your tri-fold / z-fold brochures

This is a z fold brochure mockup template set featuring a three fold AKA Z-fold paper brochure.

what is a z-fold brochure?

A Z-fold brochure is a type of printed promotional material that is folded into a “Z” shape, creating three panels on each side of the paper. This fold style allows for organized content presentation, with information revealed sequentially as the reader unfolds the paper. Z-fold brochures are commonly used for product showcases, event invitations, or informational pamphlets, as they provide a compact yet visually impactful format. The three sections provide ample space for text, images, and graphics, enabling effective communication of key messages. The unique folding design captures attention and encourages engagement, making Z-fold brochures a popular choice in marketing campaigns.

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Brochure panel size is DL size – 110mmx220mm. you can apply the design in one go instead of updating all three panels.

Included 8x mockup scenes to showcase your brochure desgin with style. whether you are presenting a design to a client or want to advertise a tri-fold brochure design, this is the tool for you. these photo-realistic mockups will give your design a realistic rendering to see how they look after printing.

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