How to Use Photoshop Mockups.


How to Customize and Apply Your Labels to Mockups.

Hi there, so you need to customize a mockup with your product label ? so first thing is to download and unzip the files you downloaded from or elsewhere.

Open the PSD file with Photoshop by double clicking the .psd file or open Photoshop application and go to file > open

then see your layer pallet to find the smart object. with mockups you can easily find the smart object with color coded layers. often time it is the green or blue layer.

now double click the smart object layer. it will open a new window in photoshop.

now delete everything you don’t need in that window and copy > paste or drag and drop your design in to it.

then click save

VoilĂ ! now your design is applied to the mockup. you can save as JPG or PNG to use them in your website, shop or social media.