Fivar – Tri-Bottle Cosmetic Mockup Collection


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Fivar is a three cosmetic bottle mockup set featuring two spray bottles and a pump bottle.

Meet ‘Fivar’, a focused cosmetic mockup collection with three tall bottles: two sprays and one pump. These bottles are designed with detail. They have a matte black body, but the top part, or closure, shines with a glossy finish.

In the Fivar collection, you get 15 mockup scenes. Out of these, 9 are in a wider, landscape style, and 6 are taller, vertical ones.

What’s special? Some scenes have plants like eucalyptus or small bonsai trees. This gives them a fresh, natural touch. It’s a great way to show off products that are about pure and natural ingredients.

With Fivar, you have the right tools to make your cosmetic product look professional and appealing.

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