Tute Mockups or Tutorial Mockup Templates


A4, A5, A6 Tute or Brochure Mockup Set

A tute or tutorial brochure mockup collection. We have created a set of mockups for tutorial brochures in different sizes: A4, A5, and A6. A “tute” is like a guide that colleges, universities, and tutoring classes use to teach students.

There are 10 different scenes in this set that you can use for free, even for commercial purposes. Each scene shows a tute that’s either closed or open. The tutes have around 50 pages and are stapled in the middle. If you’re a graphic designer, these mockups can help you show your tute designs to clients or teachers. Mockups make your design look more attractive and let people see how it’ll look when printed.

These tute mockups are very detailed (5460×3642 pixels), so you can use them for big advertisements without any problems.

The paper in the mockups looks like regular paper also called bank paper and isn’t shiny, just like what’s used for printing tutes. You can’t directly change the colors of the inner pages, but you can put a colored layer on top if needed.

Each tute mockup has a background that you can change to a different color or add textures. The shadows are part of the background and can’t be removed without erasing the shadows.

These mockups are a great way to showcase your tute designs realistically. They’re easy to use and can save you time by giving you a preview of the final product. Whether you’re a designer presenting to clients or a teacher sharing educational content, these mockups add a professional touch to your work.

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