Top 10 Places to Sell Your Mockups as a Mockup Artist


Where To Sell Mockups and Make Money from Your Talent

Do you have a knack for creating mockups that make products look fantastic? If so, it’s time to turn your creative talent into a money-making venture. Selling your mockup templates can be a rewarding way to earn income while doing what you love. In this article, we’ll explore ten fantastic platforms where you can showcase and sell your mockups to a wide audience.

1) Creative Market

Creative Market is an online marketplace where mockup artists can showcase and sell their designs. With a global user base, it offers easy shop setup, letting you customize your space and pricing. Engage with fellow artists, share experiences, and promote your shop to enhance visibility. Craft compelling listings with clear descriptions and high-quality images. Regular updates and responsive customer interactions can boost success. Founded in 2012, Creative Market empowers artists to turn their creativity into income while connecting with a vibrant creative community.

2) GraphicRiver

GraphicRiver, part of Envato Market, is a prime platform for mockup artists to monetize their creations. With a wide user base, it offers diverse exposure. Set up shop, list your mockup templates, and customize pricing. Engage with a creative community, learn from others, and gain insights. Compelling listings with clear descriptions and visuals are vital. Consistency and responsive customer interaction are key to building a strong reputation. Founded as a hub for digital assets, GraphicRiver offers a pathway for artists to earn while sharing their mockup talents on a reputable platform.

3) Creative Fabrica

For mockup creators, Creative Fabrica provides an accessible platform. Tailor your shop, upload mockup templates, and set prices. Engage with a welcoming community of designers. Create detailed listings with vivid descriptions and impactful visuals. Consistency in updating your offerings and addressing customer queries can enhance your shop’s reputation. Established as a user-friendly marketplace, Creative Fabrica lets you monetize your mockup skills and connect with fellow creatives.

4) Freepik

Freepik, a renowned platform for design resources, offers mockup artists a chance to monetize their work. Showcase your mockup templates to a vast user base. Customize shop details and pricing. Engage with a community of like-minded creators to share insights. Craft compelling mockup listings with clear descriptions and captivating images. Consistent updates and prompt customer interactions can boost your shop’s credibility. As a popular hub for graphics, Freepik empowers artists to transform their creativity into a lucrative endeavor while connecting with a diverse design-focused audience.

5) Mockup Cloud

Mockup Cloud, a dedicated platform for mockup products, is an excellent stage for mockup artists to shine. Tailor your space, exhibit your mockup templates, and determine pricing. Immerse yourself in a community passionate about mockups. Create engaging product listings with precise descriptions and stunning visuals. Consistent updates and responsive customer engagement can amplify your shop’s reputation. Established solely for mockups, Mockup Cloud is a prime avenue for artists to monetize their talents while catering to an audience enthusiastic about enhancing their design presentations.

6) Your Own Shopify Store

For mockup artists seeking full creative control, launching a Shopify store is an empowering choice. Create a unique brand, upload your mockup templates, and set prices. Customize your store’s look and feel to align with your vision. Engage customers directly and build lasting relationships. Describe your mockups clearly and use striking visuals. Regularly update your offerings and provide excellent customer support. By harnessing Shopify’s capabilities, mockup artists can create a personalized online store, showcasing their work and catering to a diverse clientele passionate about design enhancements.

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7) Etsy

Etsy, a haven for handmade and unique items, welcomes mockup artists to monetize their creations. Enhance the product presentations of fellow shop owners with your mockup templates. Set up your shop, list your offerings, and engage with a community that values creativity. Write enticing descriptions and showcase your mockups in action through compelling images. Consistency in shop updates and responsive communication can foster customer loyalty. Etsy offers a distinct marketplace where mockup artists can merge their talent with the appreciation for handmade aesthetics, reaching individuals who seek to elevate their products’ visual appeal.

8) Behance

Behance, a platform by Adobe, serves as an engaging space for mockup artists to display their skills. While not a traditional marketplace, it’s a valuable platform for exposure. Create a portfolio showcasing your mockup templates to attract potential clients and collaborations. Share your creative journey, network with professionals, and gain industry insights. Detailed project descriptions and captivating visuals are essential to captivate your audience. Behance provides a unique opportunity for mockup artists to leverage the Adobe brand, connect with a creative community, and gain recognition for their exceptional visual storytelling skills.

9) Design Cuts

Design Cuts offers a collaborative platform for mockup artists to showcase and sell their designs. Collaborate with Design Cuts to feature your mockup templates in curated bundles. Reach a wider audience through these bundles and gain exposure. Craft detailed listings with compelling descriptions and visuals that highlight your mockup templates’ unique qualities. Consistency in delivering high-quality designs and engaging with the community can enhance your reputation. Design Cuts presents a chance for mockup artists to tap into curated design collections and collaborate with a platform known for its quality resources, connecting with customers who appreciate design excellence.

10) Adobe Stock

Adobe Stock, a platform affiliated with the renowned Adobe brand, offers a prime marketplace for mockup artists. However, it’s important to note that joining Adobe Stock as a seller is through invitation only. Once accepted, you can showcase and sell your mockup templates to a vast creative community. Leverage the power of Adobe’s reputation to reach a wide audience. Maintain high standards in your listings, providing accurate descriptions and captivating visuals. Adobe Stock presents an exclusive opportunity for mockup artists to monetize their skills while aligning with a respected industry leader, although it’s accessible to sellers by invitation.


In the exciting world of mockup artistry, opportunities to monetize your talent abound. The ten platforms mentioned in this article provide diverse avenues to turn your creative passion into a lucrative endeavor. From specialized mockup marketplaces like Creative Market and Mockup Cloud to broader platforms like Shopify and Etsy, each option caters to different preferences and goals. Engaging with these platforms allows you to tap into global audiences, showcase your mockup templates, and build lasting connections with fellow creatives.

Remember that success in the realm of selling mockups requires consistent effort, dedication, and a commitment to quality. Craft compelling listings with clear descriptions and captivating visuals to entice potential buyers. Responsive customer interactions and regular updates can help foster positive reputations on these platforms.

Whether you’re seeking exposure through Adobe Stock or community engagement on Behance, these platforms offer more than just monetary gains; they open doors to collaboration, networking, and the opportunity to leave your mark on the creative landscape. So, explore, experiment, and embark on your journey to transform your mockup artistry into a thriving business, connecting with enthusiasts and businesses that value your unique design enhancements.

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