Stubby Plastic Pump Bottle Mockups


A plastic, stubby pump bottle mockups for cosmetic product packaging shots

The stubby plastic pump bottle mockup for cosmetic product packaging shots is designed to showcase a compact and convenient container for various cosmetic products. Here’s a detailed description of the mockup:

Bottle Shape: The stubby pump bottle has a short and wide shape, giving it a sturdy and modern appearance. It’s often made of transparent or translucent plastic to allow the product inside to be partially visible.

Pump Dispenser: The bottle is equipped with a pump dispenser on the top. The pump usually consists of a nozzle and a cap, both made of plastic. The nozzle dispenses the product when pressed down, providing controlled and hygienic usage.

Labeling Area: The bottle features a smooth and flat surface for labeling. This area is where you can place your cosmetic product’s branding, logo, product name, ingredients, and any other necessary information. The label can be a sticker or a printed design directly on the bottle.

Color and Finishing: The bottle can come in various colors, including transparent, white, or any other desired shades to match your brand’s aesthetics. It may have a glossy or matte finish, depending on your preference.

Size and Capacity: The stubby pump bottle mockup can have different sizes and capacities, typically ranging from 50ml to 200ml. The size can be adjusted to fit the specific volume of your cosmetic product.

Lighting and Background: When creating mockup shots, it’s common to place the stubby plastic pump bottle in a well-lit environment, ensuring that the lighting highlights the bottle’s shape and texture. The background can vary depending on your desired style, but neutral backgrounds or backgrounds related to the product’s theme are often used.

Remember that mockups are customizable, so you can work with a graphic designer or a packaging specialist to create a specific stubby plastic pump bottle mockup tailored to your cosmetic product’s requirements.

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