Stubby or Steinie Style Beer Bottle Mockup


Stubby or Steinie Style Beer Mockups with an Amber glass bottle

A set of stubby style beer bottle mockups in dark color setup. bottle is rendered in amber glass and the cap is metalic gold. cap color and bottle color is changeable with the given color change options.

Stubby or Steinie Style Beer Bottle

The Stubby, also known as a Steinie, stands out as one of the most easily recognizable beer bottle styles, characterized by its short neck and compact body. Originally introduced as a practical alternative to the North American Longneck, the industry standard bottle, Stubbies gained popularity for their durability and reduced risk of breakage. Their low center of gravity and shorter height contribute to their easy handling and resistance to tipping over.

With their shorter necks, Stubby beer bottles are not only sturdier but also more lightweight and efficient to transport. As a result, they have become widely utilized in Europe and Canada. While Stubbies have found a firm footing in those regions, some U.S. companies, like the Coors Brewing Company, have adopted these bottles for their nostalgic appeal and distinctive aesthetic.

In this set of mockups, we showcase a stubby or steinie style beer bottle that allows you to customize the label with your own design.

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