Sleek Cosmetic Dropper Bottle Packaging with Box Mockups


A dropper bottle mockup set featuring a sleek amber glass dropper bottle and an outer packaging box

This is a set of dropper bottle and box mockups, presenting a packaging concept for cosmetics and medicines. The set features an amber-colored glass dropper bottle and a paper box, easily customizable to showcase any product, label design, or logo.

Elevate your design presentations to clients by adding your label to visualize how your product might look in real life or apply your label for online advertising. This mockup set has many uses and comes in 10 different settings and views, allowing you to showcase your label in various ways.

The bottle has a black plastic top, and the bottle itself is made of amber glass with a slightly rough texture. The box is a standard cardboard/paper box commonly used for products like this.

Box Mockup:

The box utilizes a single smart object with perspective warp applied to it, making it easier to apply your design to all three sides in one layer. It aligns each side of the box seamlessly without any gaps in seams. Note that this perspective warp feature requires Adobe Photoshop 2020 or later versions; it may not work correctly in earlier versions.

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