Silo – Cosmetic Branding Mockup Set


Silo is a cosmetic packaging mockup set featuring a bottle, a tall jar and a flat jar.

Discover ‘Silo’, our carefully crafted cosmetic packaging set. Within it, you’ll find a bottle, a tall jar, and a flat jar, each radiating a professional allure with their matte black plastic finish.

This collection provides 15 scenes: 8 in a landscape style and 7 in vertical. Most have a dark, black setting, but there’s one with a clean, white background for variety. A few scenes also feature plants, like eucalyptus and bonsai, adding a touch of nature.

What makes ‘Silo’ stand out is its realistic look. A special depth of field effect gives a lifelike feel, putting the focus right on the product. It’s a top choice for those in cosmetics or graphic designers showcasing label work.

As for the name ‘Silo’? The design of these containers is tall and structured, resembling silos. While Silo isn’t an actual brand, its name inspired this unique mockup set.

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